Choose the right watch for you.
April 22, 2016

Choose the right watch for you.

The importance of the watch goes beyond fashion, however, it is one of the most important accessory when you dress well, as well as denote good taste conveys our personality traits. The possibilities are many, today the market offers us from digital clocks materials like plastic to casual watches with extendable handmade.

(Remember, a watch is more than just an outfit accessory)

If you plan to buy a watch but do not know what features to consider, don’t worry! Follow these simple tips to help you choose the perfect watch for you.


Think about the style you like

First of all you must define the style that goes better with you, that is, if you want an elegant watch, one slightly more casual or perhaps one sport. It is highly recommended to choose those timeless designs that have classic designs that look great either with a suit or outfit weekend, in this way you will prevent the watch go out of style.


Small or big?

The size is one of the main premises when you are choosing a good watch and its related to your arm complexion. If you are tall watches with big cover goes with you, while thin people can use a round watch contrary to those with robust build, which must choose rectangular or square covers.


A watch can be one of those items that last for generations, so it is important that you know the basics to choose one that is functional for a long time. The approximate life of a battery clock is 10 years, while those who have quartz battery if it is changed is made it can last up to 5 years. Mechanical watches, whether manual or automatic should be cleaned every three years but its duration is almost, almost infinite.


It is important to consider the materials of which a watch is made, so if you think it will be "ruggedized" is worth choosing those stainless steel or titanium. If what you want is to take it to the office chooses a precious metal, such as white gold you can also be used if you want a sportier style.


Choose it yourself

Because the watches are a very personal accessory this must be chosen by the person who will use it. Take it as an excellent opportunity to show the world who you are and express to others a characteristic of your personality trait.

Opt for good quality extensible

An important part of the watch is the extensible or strap. It is worth taking the time to know that it is made or if they can be swap them or not. Those handmade or handcrafted designs are ideal to stand out from others and can be used with various outfits and a variety of situations ranging from the office to a casual departure.

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Consider buying options

Department stores offer a variety of watches, however online stores safely find different brands and models perfect for every taste and occasion watches.