Leather Care and Maintenance

What is the life expectancy of a leather watch band?

This varies greatly with the type of leather purchased and the acidity in the skin of the wearer. One year is the guideline but judgment is the key. If a band shows sign of excessive wear or having been exposed to water, it doesn't matter how long it has been worn. Leather is still leather; think along the lines of your leather gloves, shoes or accessories. It will stain and discolor with moisture exposure, and mark when rubbed on a roughish surface. BOCA MMXII stands behind all manufacturers defects. Durability and usage concerns are discretionary.


What is leather Patina?

Patina is a thin layer that develops on the surface of the leather over time. It is caused by the natural oils and sweat from your skin and exposure to sunlight and air. The patina provides the leather with a unique look and feel that gets better with age. Light-colored leathers will change their appearance more then dark-colored leathers. The patina won't impact the durability of your product.

Our high-quality light brown leather wrapped sunglasses are designed to evolve with wear, gradually developing a darker, richer patina over time. This natural aging process not only adds character and uniqueness to your sunglasses but also enhances their overall aesthetic appeal. If you think you won't like with the natural darkening process of the light leather used in our products, we recommend considering our dark leather sunglasses as a stylish alternative.