Stop going against the clock! Here are 5 ways to be on time.

by Azul Ecommerce March 09, 2016

Stop going against the clock! Here are 5 ways to be on time.

For many, being on time is a challenge. No matter how hard they try, this habit is a rule in their lives and sometimes is something that they do unconsciously. Being late means much more of what you think. You are not only wasting somebody´s time, but also yours.

Further than being a social value taught at school, punctuality is a personal habit strengthened with the passing of years. However, not all is a lost cause! With little of effort, this kind of actions could be modified within just 21 days. So, if you are tired of going against the clock take a look of these 5 advices that will help you to be always on time.

Detect which activities make you lose time

Human beings use to repeat patterns, so trying to discover which of them promotes our waste of time will be helpful to start in the best way. There are some that are late because they remain watching T.V., looking for the keys, closing doors, choosing the correct outfit, etc.

When problem has been detected, it is easier to take the first step to change this behavior.

Set your clocks forward

From your watch to the car´s, or even those at home, they must be 15 minutes ahead. However, you will need a lot of will power and effort to make it work. Let yourself be convinced that clocks are on time and act as the hour were the real one.

Let´s see an example: if our watch shows 9:20 and you must get out of your house at 9:30, you should think that you are late. Start setting the clock 15 minutes forward and, within the passing of time, you can reduce the set back to 10 and then 5 minutes. Remember that punctual people always are 5 minutes ahead.

Go to bed early

Successful people have the habit of looking after their sleep cycles. This means, they go to bed as early as the can in order to be fresh the next day. Remember that is highly recommendable to wake up as soon as you listen the first alarm. So, forget those “other 10 minutes, please!”

The most important thing is to learn the easiest way to respect your times and satisfy, above all, your body rest needs.

Prepare everything the day before

Punctual people are always planning. Therefore, to start developing this new habit start by preparing everything you can the night before. For example your lunch or the complete outfit for the next day.

Use technology in your favor downloading apps as Evernote or Wonderlist. These apps are useful to keep your tasks in order. You can create checklists the night before and start the next day organized, that will save tons of time. If you are old-schooled, an appointment book will work perfectly for you.

Wear a watch


It´s not only an important part of our daily outfit, but also, they help to keep in mind the available minutes to arrive on time to an appointment or to finish a task. The more you manage your time, the better your day will be. Watches are basic for those who are used to arrive on time in every appointment or social event.

[You can see here our wide range of handmade strap watches]

Choose a good quality watch that reflects your personality fitting to your daily life. If you do so, getting used to wear it daily will be easier. Nowadays, it is possible to get any kind of watch, from those with straps to be attached to analogs or digitals.

Options are unlimited!







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Our watches have 4 different watch case diameters: 

Traveler - 35mm/1.38in (suggested for women - small size)

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