Watch: More than just an outfit accessory
marzo 23, 2016

Watch: More than just an outfit accessory

Clocks and watches are not just an item that defines our personality, nor a status and fashion hallmark. It´s an item that establishes our lives in an unimaginable way. Its background goes back to 3000 years B.C., when a sundial was used by ancient cultures as the Chinese, Egyptian and Inca.

Man needed to control the time and that was finally reached with Anaximander, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who invented the first sundial. However, the first mechanical clock was claimed to Richard Wallingford. On the other hand Peter Henlein was the first one who invented the pocket watches that later progressed to the already known wristwatches.


Wristwatches popularity got increased during the World War I when they became very common among soldiers. This kind of watch have two adjustable straps and it is worn on the wrist, doing watches an infallible item that shows elegance and style.

Nowadays, watches have become an important item for those who like to be always on time. [Are you always late? Take a look to these 5 tips to be always on time]. Besides it´s one of the main elements that express your personality and status.

The wristwatch is the only item that keep us immediately aware of the actual season. It make us conscious of our time to avoid being late on social or work dates. I our days, it has become more than just an item. That´s why the importance to choose a good quality watch, not only functional but also that shows who we really are, our personality and that makes us look dressed up.

The importance of wearing a watch

Depending on the kind of watch that you wear you´ll be showing your status and style, for example in some jobs where it´s necessary the formal wear, wrist watches are a perfect complement adding a look´s final touch. Sport watches are a good idea to update your appearance, but you have to be careful, they used to be very casual.  

At the moment of choosing a wristwatch the most important thing are straps, they could make the difference among others. Choose original straps made of good quality materials that show off your watch case. There is a wide variety of watches to fit all fancies; even in the same style, you will find thousands of straps to customize each watch. That´s why you must take into account the clothes that you wear in order to match it with the accessories.

How can I match my watchstraps? That´s easy, check out these ideas:

  1. Metal straps are ideal for casual dating business
  2. Those with cloth or rubber straps go well with sportswear
  3. Handmade leather straps are perfect for business meetings, casual, and formal dates.

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